This is a community page for Richmond, Ca.

To come together financially to better OUR community.

We are on the First Step.

The first step is recruitment, Bring others like yourself

to this page that believes in team building. WE need a

minimum of 4,167 members to join this page.

(Strength in numbers) 

The second step is planning. How are WE going to

better OUR Community to uplift OUR people, create jobs and business opportunities. (Plan OUR work) 

The third step is financial, putting OUR money together in one pot. 
($20 per month, per person) Or ($5 per week, per person)

The fourth and last step is execution, work OUR plan. 

The result will be a better community for US. ‪ Richmond, Ca.    #‎WeLoveRichmondCa‬

Strength In Numbers
The sixties, in various parts of Richmond, was a time when people and communities worked together, reinvested their resources: spending and consuming within their own communities. There was a strong belief in helping each other out when necessary: not a hand out but more of a hand UP mentality!

However today, times have changed: Richmond is less supportive, breakdown in institutions and families and lack of strong leadership. Current events have left us with no choice but to go back to basics and unite once again.

WE have been brainstorming at ways to regain the strong community ties we once felt, ways for us to unite and pull our resources together. Big box businesses - one that is owned by, finance by and will benefit the local community – can help us achieve that. An Examples would be: a co-op, that employs local people and that will yield a lucrative return on investment. We can use the profits from these ‘big box’ businesses to finance other micro level entrepreneurial ideas from community members.
(there is a unbreakable strength in numbers).

Small-Town USA-Richmond, Ca: Population 100 Thousand. Lets say half is on some B.S. (50K). And half of the other 50K, just don't get it. (25K) and out of the 25K only 4,167 are with the program. Cool. So we have 4,167 people of one community. WHAT IF, WE all put in one pot $20 per month / per person. Thats over $80K per month and over 1 Million dollars per year. What could one community (Richmond, Ca.) do with 1 Million Dollars, Every year.

Subject, Enter: WeLoveRichmondCa

Message, Enter:Tell us what do you like best about this concept of pulling OUR money together. 

Special Thanks to: 

Cynthia McKelvy, for being the First to like OUR FaceBook Page

Robert Taylor, for being the First to Donate Money. 


I Love Richmond $1000

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Welcome to

City Of Richmond  

City Of Pride & Purpose

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