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In life, there are moments that can make us or break us. When faced with cross roads, we all have a choice: to sink or to swim, to believe in ourselves or to let society define us.  

Reginald Mitchell is a swimmer...

Born in Atlanta, Georgia - grew up in Richmond, California, Reginald was always surrounded by business-oriented people.  Reginald’s first stab at business started at the young age of four.  Reginald would sell his old and slightly used toys to the kids in the neighborhood and with the money made, purchase new toys (not bad for a start!).  

As a child, Reginald spent his time after school and his summers, helping his grandparents who owned a produce company and his mother who owned a print shop.  Working alongside his family as well as other family friends, such as Coach Carter, Reginald learned the importance of relationship building, negotiation skills, discipline and many other valuable business lessons that would help him along his journey as an entrepreneur.  

Reginald  B.  Mitchell

Upon graduating from high school in 1987 and at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, Reginald needed a change of scenery and decided to join the U.S. Army.  There he learned the value of leadership, self-discipline and teamwork.  In1991, fresh out the service, Mitchell (as he was known in the service) was on top of the world with a well-paying job as a diesel mechanic in Stockton, California, a brand new home and truck and a pretty new girlfriend.

Two years later, the recession hit and hard times were spreading like the flu. Laid off from his job, unable to maintain his house, truck and relationship, Reginald had a choice: sink or swim.  With some last minute advice from his mother, Cynthia, and his mentor Coach Carter, Reginald used his last fifty dollars and started a window washing business, the first business in a series of other successful businesses.

Today, Reginald runs several internet businesses. Through his partnerships with other businesses on both coasts, Reginald is bringing in residual income.  He is speaking about his life and writing a book, titled:  

“What would you do with Fifty Dollars”