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Reginald Mitchell - AKA

Renegade Reginald - AKA

Mr. Travel Coach - AKA

Hiker Dude. 

#WeLoveExploring was designed to find like minded individuals that love to Explore, nature and life overall. We want to find other explorers that desire to travel the world and Explore off the beaten path.

My name is Reginald Mitchell, I travel, love the outdoors, look for business opportunities

and of course Explore.

Meet - Play - Travel
Step by Step, Inch by Inch.
-Reginald Mitchell

Years of Traveling experience, Great Travel Companion.

About Reginald

Our Adventure Organizer, Reginald, has been guiding and organizing groups for over 20 years. His love for the outdoors, adventure and business were all inspired by his family. His Mother the ultimate entrepreneur, his Cousin C the fearless explorer, his Aunt D the adventurous adventurer and his Aunt B the world traveler all played a huge part in molding the consummate guide/organizer we know Reginald to be. 

As a Paratrooper, Reginald was able to fine-tune his skills with the outdoors, adventure and safety. In his free time Reginald enjoys traveling, hiking, backpacking, camping, water and snow sports. He is an avid wildlife watcher and photographer who shares his infectious passion for Travel with pure joy. 

Reginald is currently a world citizen, based out of Atlanta Georgia. Follow his story here on  Instagram.

Pura Vida.