-Coach Ken Carter

Richmond, California. USA

 “ Great team of people, fun, laughter, play and outside adventure. This group seems to be well organized, committed to the outdoors, and wise on how it is up to each and every one of us to preserve our planet through life long learning, action, and collaboration of our efforts. 

I'm looking forward to the next adventure with We Love Exploring”


Florida, USA.

“The Hike was such a awesome HIKE! Reginald did a great job of being the activity leader. I am working on my activity leader certification for the Florida Trail Assoication and I surely did get great tips from just watching him interact and keep track of the group... I'll be back for another 1 of your Trips!

Thanks for a wonderful time!!!”


U.S. Army

"I enjoyed traveling with the members of We Love Exploring. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I'm looking forward to another Meetup outing with the group. This was my first time traveling with the group and I would definitely do it again. The group chemistry was exceptional. Also, the group organizer was committed and a true leader. Thanks, Reginald."

#WeLoveExploring was designed to find like minded individuals that love to Explore, nature and life overall. We want to find other explorers that desire to travel the world and Explore off the beaten path. My name is Reginald Mitchell, I travel, love the outdoors, look for business opportunities and of course Explore.

WE Love Exploring